Cultivating Real Superheros

By Chris Gandy : When you have been in the not-for-profit sector as long as I have, it is hard not to notice certain characteristics about the people who are attracted to and work for cause-based organisations.  Typically, those joining not-for-profits at any age commence with abounding zeal and verve.They are there to save the world in […]

When Work Becomes Intolerable

By Sara Harrup Many years ago I landed a job which looked to be a real coup. Great salary and conditions, fabulous location, nice people and a charismatic boss. I did a fair bit of due diligence on the organisation before I accepted the position and I thought that although challenging, I would be able […]

Fun At Work

By Sara Harrup We don’t typically think of the workplace as the scene of a great amount of fun! For the most part we view work as a serious matter, scattered with the odd laugh here and there. Sometimes we get the opportunity to eat a nice piece of cake when a colleague has a […]