Cultivating Real Superheros

By Chris Gandy : When you have been in the not-for-profit sector as long as I have, it is hard not to notice certain characteristics about the people who are attracted to and work for cause-based organisations.  Typically, those joining not-for-profits at any age commence with abounding zeal and verve.They are there to save the world in […]


  Organisations go to a great deal of trouble to attract the most suitable people. It makes sense then to follow up the investment in new recruits by taking care to retain employees. There is no shortage of information about retention strategies – Google scholar lists 16000 articles for 2015 alone. Strategies to retain employees […]

Areas to Address in a Workplace Social Media Policy

Cases of employees losing their jobs for careless social media postings have been well documented in the media over the last few years, and sometimes have gone before the courts. With the self-publishing nature of social media and the desire to share opinions on all sorts of issues, comes the very real possibility that something […]

Retain Top Performers in 4 Easy Steps

By Claire Harrison Holding the interest of top performers has never been so essential to the successful outcomes of your business – as various industries move forward, it’s becoming increasingly apparent good people drive great companies from the ground up. There’s a special excitement that comes from hiring a top performer, something just clicks in […]

When Work Becomes Intolerable

By Sara Harrup Many years ago I landed a job which looked to be a real coup. Great salary and conditions, fabulous location, nice people and a charismatic boss. I did a fair bit of due diligence on the organisation before I accepted the position and I thought that although challenging, I would be able […]

Fun At Work

By Sara Harrup We don’t typically think of the workplace as the scene of a great amount of fun! For the most part we view work as a serious matter, scattered with the odd laugh here and there. Sometimes we get the opportunity to eat a nice piece of cake when a colleague has a […]

Are You Blocking Your People’s Leadership Development Goals?

By Chris Gandy One of the great side benefits of not for profit leadership recruitment is that the process provides a wonderful window into the current state of leadership in the  sector. As you chat with candidates they often open up about why they are looking to move from their current roles. Typically I find the principal reason […]

It’s Not the Clothes! It’s the Culture!

By Sara Harrup Over the years I have been involved with many organisations in a range of sectors. The people in those organisations have presented themselves in many different ways, from wearing suits, with conservative personal presentation, to shorts and jeans with blue hair and as many piercings as one can possibly fit into one’s […]

The Benefits Of Getting Back To Basics

By Sara Harrup Deadlines! KPIs! Meetings! Projects! Paper piling up! Email box full! Targets to meet! Sound like a normal week at work? It is for many. There are so many targets, deadlines and must dos that more and more people are overwhelmed. I was thinking about this last week and I realise that work […]