Only the Outstanding Will Survive

  From Chris Gandy Each year around this time, I catch-up with a group of friends all of whom are working or have worked in senior roles in cause-based organisations. While the occasion is traditionally heavy on social conviviality, I can’t help myself and at some point try to pick their brains on something like […]

When the Rains Come

  By Sara Harrup 23 years ago I was a nurse working in the operating theatre of a large public hospital. One day whilst assisting with surgery on a man whose life was hanging in the balance, all the power went down. There were a few seconds where everything went quiet (except the sound of […]

Making Happy Accidents Happen

By Dennis Fischman Ruth McCambridge, the editor of the excellent Nonprofit Quarterly, ask us to ponder: With all our policies, procedures, plans, strategies, best practices, theories of change, and expert evaluations, what are we missing? The answer is: serendipity. Sometimes we make great discoveries when we are not looking for them, or when we’re looking […]

What Woody Allen Can Teach Not-For-Profits About Strategic Planning?

By Chris Gandy While strategic planning discussions around many not-for-profit board tables centre on expanding their services across the city, state, country and planet, I sense a change in the wind. More and more boards that I seem to be dealing with are saying “We want to be serving our communities well into the future. To do […]

Is survival a new measure of success?

I have had a great few months swanning around the country side catching up with old acquaintances and making new ones over countless cups of coffee and the occasional tea. All of the people I met had one thing in common – they were all Leaders (Senior Executives or Board Members) of cause-based organisations, small,medium and […]