Remembering To Listen To The Often Forgotten People

By Chris Gandy I am sure you can point us to some glaring exceptions, but from my experience I would have to say that the cause-based sector, in this country, has a relatively poor record in effectively listening to their constituents. Sure we care about the people our programs assist. They are why our organisation […]

Stop Stressing About Innovation, Just Continuously Improve

By Chris Gandy Executive coaching in the cause-based sector is such a rewarding and stimulating activity on so many levels. One deals with highly motivated, talented and dedicated people who are mostly focused on bettering themselves so that they can deliver better outcomes for the people they serve. A byproduct of this is that as a coach you […]

Is survival a new measure of success?

I have had a great few months swanning around the country side catching up with old acquaintances and making new ones over countless cups of coffee and the occasional tea. All of the people I met had one thing in common – they were all Leaders (Senior Executives or Board Members) of cause-based organisations, small,medium and […]

Cause is central, just ask LIVESTRONG!

Thankfully few cause-based organisations have faced dramas of the intensity that the LIVESTRONG Foundation recently has. Everyone is familiar with the story. LIVESTRONG’s founder, media face, central fundraising tool and global ambassador at large, Lance Armstrong, admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs during his seven Tour de France wins. How do you survive that! Recently Doug […]

A recipe for an effective cause-based organisation

Recently I heard a so-called “celebrity chef” on one of those reality programs salivating over the essential ingredients that go into a perfect dish. This prompted me to think about the ingredients that blend together to make a perfect cause-based organization. I know this isn’t an original thought and plenty has previously been written on […]