“Square” Business

By Patrick McFadden Doing business with … generosity, integrity, honesty and dependability … is what I call,  “square” business. Square Business indicates consistency of: actions, values, methods and, principles. Cutting corners is not an option! Which brings me to my point, “how you get there, is how you’re going to stay there.” If a professional is […]

People Crave to Contribute – Release Their Desire

By Chris Gandy W. Edwards Deming is probably best known for his “plan, do, study, act” cycle, which also has been referred to as the Deming Circle. In the light of this very process based concept, it may surprise some that Deming also placed a heavy emphasis on the value of people and relationships. He […]

The Power Of More Than One

By Ian Sampson High profile leaders of the past and present have usually been great at one aspect of leadership and merely good to so so at several others. For example,  George Bush was good at strategy in mobilising US citizens in the War on Terror but was pretty ordinary on fiscal responsibility, as witnessed by his $1.2 […]

There’s A Time For Sharing

From Sara Harrup I was recently chatting to an old colleague about his work. He’s an astute man, intelligent and very conscientious. When I asked him how things were going he said to me “I am so frustrated. I couldn’t get any more frustrated, and I just don’t know how to stop being frustrated”. When […]

There is Only One Not for Profit White Knight – YOU!

By Chris Gandy Met with a Not for Profit CEO last week who’s organisation is facing considerable difficulties and he told me…. “We’ve gone after every “White Knight” we can think of for help. We have pleaded with the Government, looked for sponsors, tried to pull off a favourable merger deal. I have taken a […]

Five Lessons From The Coalface

From Sara Harrup Throughout our careers we learn many lessons, from our experiences, from formal teaching and mentoring and from our leaders. Often we lament the scarcity of really good leaders but we can learn as much from those who aren’t as good at the top as we can from those who are. As I […]

Leadership Inaction?

From Ian Sampson During my recent visit to Pakistan, my host at the Islamabad Club chuckled and said : ” Do you mean “Leadership In Action” or “Leadership Inaction?” “It has to be the first,” I smiled in reply. “Leadership Inaction” is an oxymoron. Leaders are sometimes still but their quietness should not be confused […]

tsk tsk TSK

From Joe Moore I live about 70 kilometres from Sydney in the mountains (hills really). I use the train to get to the city. I used to sit in the quiet carriages where noisy conversations, loud mobile phone conversations and chortling at the videos on your smartphone are discouraged. Used to. I’m convinced that quiet […]

Only the Outstanding Will Survive

  From Chris Gandy Each year around this time, I catch-up with a group of friends all of whom are working or have worked in senior roles in cause-based organisations. While the occasion is traditionally heavy on social conviviality, I can’t help myself and at some point try to pick their brains on something like […]

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

By Chris Gandy One of the more uncomfortable experiences a CEO can have is when an employee asks for an advance to tide them through a personal financial crisis. It didn’t happen to me too often but when it did the situation was quite icky. You are not human if you don’t have some level of empathy […]