Confidence, Power and Possibility in Leading.

By Ian Sampson If you are a TED fan it is quite likely you are one of the 6.5 million people who has seen Ben Zender give his talk on Music and Passion (Zender is, amongst other things, the Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra). The talk is a wonderfully inspiring piece about classical music. It also has […]

Successfully Surfing the Waves of Change

  By Chris Gandy Change is everywhere. It is constantly spoken about, written about, and thought about. So much so that it seems almost passe’ to be writing this blog post about it – but at the risk of boring you and hitting the delete button here goes. To me dealing with change is like […]

Saying “No”

By Attila Ovari I recently caught up with a friend and we discussed what we have been up too. As part of the discussion we also talked about what we are not doing…. Strange you may say, but it can be the hardest part for a go getter like myself to actually say “no” to […]

Adjusting When Things Get Tight

By Chris Gandy  Certainly there has been a fair degree of budget tightening flowing through the majority of our sector and the immediate outlook is to expect more of the same. From my perspective I have noticed this has increased the amount of hand wringing and blaming external factors but, alarmingly, not a lot of […]

Team Leaders/Middle Managers – The Forgotten People

  By Sara Harrup Being an executive comes with a lot of responsibility. It can be a stressful job. It can be lonely and professionally isolating. The world of business consultants, trainers and other professionals are offering a growing suite of products for busy executives. Executive coaching, CEO groups, business consulting, change management advice! The […]

A Guided Walk For Leaders

By Ian Sampson A few months ago I published an e-book entitled: “Misleading Conduct.” It is about the dreadful things that poor leaders do to their people in organisations. If you are a subscriber to our Experientia newsletter you may have been sent a copy with our compliments. As with any work that describes something […]

Answer a Question With a Question?

By Joe Moore One of the challenges for leaders and managers is making the daily grind so interesting and constructive that no one can wait to get to work! The challenge is tough – consider that many of the tasks performed in your organisation are also performed in all organisations.  A deadline is a deadline, […]

When Reviewing Performance First Find a Mirror

By Chris Gandy An area of leadership most of us seem to struggle with is objectively and constructively reviewing the performance of others. When annual performance review time comes around all of sudden our calendar becomes jammed. We put off and reschedule those difficult one on ones. And when it inevitably occurs we often dodge […]

There Is Seldom A Happy Ending To a Benign Neglect Story

By Chris Gandy Alf was pottering in his front yard when I drove by so I stopped for a chat. I commented how good his garden looked coming out of winter and he responded: “Its all the result of benign neglect mate, and you should be an expert at that having worked for not for […]

Lessons On Leadership

By Ian Sampson I read a story this morning in Forbes magazine about a leader who failed to act when he saw a young woman abusing an older woman on a bus. What stopped him, when he knew he should or could have done something? He said it was self-preservation in the end that constrained […]