Good Help Is Hard To Give

Many people find giving help hard work. How many times have you tried simply to talk about what is bothering you, only to be met with “well – here’s what I would do”? With the implicit message that you should do that too. Operating with the best of intentions we may give what we think […]

The Custodians of Failure

You are in a discussion about how to do something better at work. There is good agreement that the practice needs to be changed. The idea of the meeting is to canvass suggestions to be evaluated after a series of meetings to generate ideas. The discussion is going well, and then. One of your organisation’s […]

Avoiding Being a Social Change Blocker

“Nonprofits are losing their monopoly as the most effective agents of social change”. That’s the contention of Paul Klein who argues that unless not for profits ditch their “slow-moving, institutional, and self-interested model” they will loose their relevance as change agents and be replaced by committed corporates and social enterprises . As Paul points out, as a […]

Tools to Remain Positive

 I am often asked how I stay positive most of the time. In one workplace me being positive was seen as an issue by some at the company. That said, I do have my down moments, however I believe that a Positive Attitude will enable anyone to perform better than a negative one. For example, would […]

Outsourcing Rules of Engagement

  Being in the outsourcing business we are witness to relationships between subject matter experts (providers) and organisations needing help. Time and again we see that the best outcomes for organisations using outsourcing as a resourcing strategy are achieved when they follow these five steps: Clearly define what needs to be done, and why. In […]

What To do When Things Go Wrong?

  So why is it important for us to stay positive? What would be your reaction if your boss came in and was in a panic and talking about the sky falling in? What about if your boss came in and advised we had a problem and is looking for a team approach to possible […]

“Just Remember It Is The 28th July And You Will Be Fine!”

By Chris Gandy The National Disability Services NSW Conference this week focused on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which is slated to be up and running in around 500 days. As with most of these sorts of events there were a number of quotable quotes. One which struck a chord from a seasoned provider […]


By Joe Moore Do you find a common behaviour of leaders and supervisors who are controlling is they make many observations starting with:     “The trouble with people is…” You may find they go on to rationalise their heroic, impatient “to get anything done you have to do it yourself” chaos with comments about not having […]

The Leaders Trojan Horse

    By Ian Sampson You probably know that Leadership Development Programs are being questioned on several fronts for not delivering what they promise. As a former designer and manager of LDPs for large corporates, I know that while senior executives often say they want to build leadership capability, what they want even more from […]