“Just remember it is the 28th July and you will be fine”

When I was a Psychology undergraduate I was required to do a one week  work experience assignment in a large mental health facility. On my first day I was asked to report to the Clinical Services Manager. When I arrived all bright-eyed and busy tailed the receptionist directed me a large waiting room. The room was empty of people except […]

Are Thorny Problems Drawing Your Full Attention From Your Cause?

Can you relate to this? You are part of an Executive Leadership team in an organisation – maybe the CEO or a Senior Executive – and have hit a problem that is seemingly so intractable that it is consuming an inordinate part of your work time and possibly keeping you awake at night. As you […]

Stop Stressing About Innovation, Just Continuously Improve

By Chris Gandy Executive coaching in the cause-based sector is such a rewarding and stimulating activity on so many levels. One deals with highly motivated, talented and dedicated people who are mostly focused on bettering themselves so that they can deliver better outcomes for the people they serve. A byproduct of this is that as a coach you […]

Measuring social impact – gains and gaps

By Chris Gandy One of our major Touchstones is “Effect”. In other words, what is the effect or impact of our programs? Are they positively changing behaviour, assisting our clients to a better place, reversing global warming etc.? While it is really encouraging to come across more and more organisations genuinely talking about this Touchstone, […]

Is survival a new measure of success?

I have had a great few months swanning around the country side catching up with old acquaintances and making new ones over countless cups of coffee and the occasional tea. All of the people I met had one thing in common – they were all Leaders (Senior Executives or Board Members) of cause-based organisations, small,medium and […]