Misleading Conduct #4 – Making Lousy Decisions or No Decisions At All

By Ian Sampson So much of leadership is really about providing usable direction to followers. Followers yearn for a leader who can point them in the right direction. Leaders do a lot of other things as well, but providing direction is foundational and fundamental. Much of managing is about making decisions on how to get […]

Misleading Conduct #3: Justifying Poor Performance

By Ian Sampson Every follower,  every analyst, every thwarted applicant for the job the misleader has just been appointed to knows the game: the new leader will use the first 100 days to find all the skeletons in the closet, work out who has the goods on whom, etc. New “rulers” who disguise themselves as […]

Let’s Ease Up On The Advice And Assist NFP’s To Act

By Chris Gandy Social media is awash with articles on the biggest challenges facing not-for-profits and how to address them. Normally you find that the identified  headaches just happens to be in the area of expertise of the person writing the article. So fundraising gurus say engaging and retaining donors is the issue of today. Management development people […]

You deserve what you get

By Tom Collins I am the youngest of four boys and one of the my clearest recollections of my childhood is my dear mother repeatedly saying to me “Well, you deserve what you get!” when I would go moaning to her after one of my brothers lost patience with my taunting and gave me a clip […]

Misleading Conduct # 1: Not Providing Context

In a recent post, Ian Sampson identified 21 examples of poor leadership which he described as “Misleading conduct”.  Over the coming months he will dive into these examples in more detail commencing today with the issue of not providing context for staff. By Ian Sampson You may have heard of the old story of the two […]

Why isn’t servant leadership more prevalent?

By Cynder Sinclair D.M. With servant leadership, a leader’s primary role is to serve employees. Everyone from Lao-Tzu to Max De Pree thinks this a wonderful model. Why then, asks Professor Jim Heskett in this insightful article, is this style so rare among CEOs? What is Servant Leadership? Servant leadership is an age-old concept, a term […]

Executive Coaching should be treated as a necessity, not a luxury.

By Chris Gandy Last month the Nonprofit Quarterly ran a thought provoking interview with Bill Ryan, coauthor of “Governance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of Nonprofit Boards”, who recently led a study on coaching in the cause-based sector. For me there were three major take-outs from this interview – Ryan’s definition of Coaching; What distinguishes […]

Unlock your best ideas

By Patrick McFadden Here are some tips to unlock your creativity and your best ideas: You need more “me” time. Get away from your normal routine. Go for a long walk, exercise more Take an art (woodworking, sculpture, gardening) class Put yourself around people who are high performers. Henry Ford once said he didn’t want […]

Grandpaw and Google had a lot in common

By Jack Nokes My grandfather never made it past 8th grade, he never worked in an office, and he died well before the Information Age took off. However, his lack of formal education didn’t mean he lacked the wisdom necessary to run a good operation. PawPaw’s philosophy on getting a job done was: “hire the […]

Dealing with public-speaking jitters

By Chris Gandy It is rare when coaching CEO’s of cause-based organisations that the need for public speaking, and the resultant angst, isn’t raised. Actually more than one person has confided that knowing they will be asked to speak publicly about their organisation caused them to think twice about actually applying for the position in the first […]