A Bat and Ball Walk Into an Office…

By Joe Moore A bat and a ball walk into an office. An ordinary office. Not an ordinary bat and ball story though – a puzzle. Here is the puzzle from page 44 of Daniel Kahneman’s book “Thinking fast and slow”. A bat and ball cost $1.10 The bat costs one dollar more than the ball. How […]

Get off the Multitasking Rollercoaster

By Sara Harrup A friend of mine is a very busy professional. She works in health care, spending part of her week across three clinical practices, teaches one day per week, sits on many boards and professional committees, does ad hoc work for a national health care body, attends professional development activities and has a large […]

“Just remember it is the 28th July and you will be fine”

When I was a Psychology undergraduate I was required to do a one week  work experience assignment in a large mental health facility. On my first day I was asked to report to the Clinical Services Manager. When I arrived all bright-eyed and busy tailed the receptionist directed me a large waiting room. The room was empty of people except […]

Misleading Conduct # 7 – Micromanaging Your People

Mis-leaders focus on the insignificant. They go deep into the organisation and tell others how to do their job. Mis-leadership through micromanagement is guaranteed to make people fearful on several levels: They will fear that you think they can’t do their job; They will be afraid that you are up to something, but they won’t […]

Are Thorny Problems Drawing Your Full Attention From Your Cause?

Can you relate to this? You are part of an Executive Leadership team in an organisation – maybe the CEO or a Senior Executive – and have hit a problem that is seemingly so intractable that it is consuming an inordinate part of your work time and possibly keeping you awake at night. As you […]

Looking Beyond The Experience Curtain

Last week I spent an afternoon with my young grandson, Zane, who decided he was sick of this crawling caper and decided:  “Right it is now time to walk!” Watching him embark on this early childhood challenge was fascinating. Over the course of a couple of hours, between playing with various toys on the floor, he […]

Nearly All CEO’s Want It But Only One In Three Get It

The Stanford Graduate School of Business and The Miles Group recently surveyed over 200 CEOs and found that nearly two-thirds do not receive coaching or leadership advice from outside consultants or coaches, and almost half of their senior executives are not receiving any either. It further found almost 100% of CEO’s see value in receiving […]

“Consistency In Your Motivation Is a Very Underrated Quality” – Part 2 – The Leaders Role

By Chris Gandy In our last post we discussed the importance of consistent motivation. Here we wish to comment on the pivotal role a Leader plays in ensuring their employees display consistent motivation. While there are now a number of well tested e-recruiting tools that can assist organisations to select candidates who are predisposed to display consistent motivation, there is […]

“Consistency In Your Motivation Is a Very Underrated Quality” – Part 1

By Chris Gandy While chatting with a CEO friend recently about the general state of affairs in his organisation he stated that the biggest staffing problem he was facing was “keeping my team’s shoulders to the wheel”. He went on to explain that his people seem to start projects with great enthusiasm but for most of them this […]