What If The Blocker Is You?

By Chris Gandy : I attended the Australian Society of Association Executives Conference in Canberra last week where many of the papers and invariably a great deal of the networking conversation focused on helping staff and NFP Boards overcoming resistance to change. As I listened to some excellent presentations which received knowing nods from an […]

The Hidden Key To Productivity That Could Boost Every Team

By Nina Sochon: I believe that we’re fundamentally lacking in our thinking about the workplace and how we get things done. We talk about teamwork in the context of what leaders should do – it is seen as the leader’s responsibility to create a great team. Books about creating high performing teams are written to […]

Tomorrow’s Digitally Enabled Workforce

By Chris Milligan : Everyone’s talking about the “future of work” and if your organisation isn’t, perhaps it’s time you joined the conversation. CSIRO’s latest report; Tomorrow’s Digitally Enabled Workforce is a gold mine, laying out the mega trends set to hit the workplace in the coming decade, and what you need to know. Unlike other […]

How To Demolish A Wall

“Our conscience is not the vessel of eternal verities. It grows with our social life, and a new social condition means a radical change in conscience”. – Walter Lippmann What does a quote on ethics have to do with Leadership? To me everything. Since my first introduction to Ethics via Simon Longstaff and The St. James Ethics […]

Our Interim CEO’s Aspire To Be More Than Caretakers

Please don’t get us wrong. If a Board of a cause-based organisation decides to engage an Interim CEO and they instruct that person to “simply hold the fort” while they decide on a future direction, it is entirely their prerogative. And we are sure that there are many Interims who are prepared to take on […]

Cultural Arsonists

Bushfires Every organisation, no matter its scale, experiences bushfires. Leaders know about these. Just like the bushfires that ravage Australia each summer, a percentage of these are the result of arsonists. So let’s talk about cultural arsonists. Who are these people? Are they “psychopaths”? Are they “sociopaths?” Perhaps a tiny percentage would be diagnosable. The […]

So much…too much.

  At work we often have to make up our mind about the value of a new idea, a proposal for change, the worth of a leader’s vision of our organisation’s future, or the believability of an answer to a question, of a response to a situation. Overwhelmed by data we struggle for information. Can […]

Being An Excellent Leader

  There is no fixed definition of excellence in leadership, but we all know it when we see it; when we feel it. There is a different skill set required in managing a project, than there is in leading the team and we all manage and lead in some capacity – whether it’s our children, […]

Taking Inspiration From Yesterday

Invariably at this time of year as we catch-up with family and friends, conversation at some point focuses on the year just passed and various prognostications for the one ahead. Not sure about your circle, but those around me seemed to feel 2015 was a pretty lousy year. I must admit, they appear to have […]

Avoiding That Sinking Feeling

  I visited  Titanic – The Exhibition recently – you may have caught it when it was in your part of the world. While the exhibition was quite a moving experience, I couldn’t help but think that the people in leadership positions – the White Star Line (WSL) Board and their faithful servant Capt. Edward J Smith – who […]