Nice Tee Shirt – Not!

Chris Gandy wrote a great blog recently about and the benefits that flow to people and their organisations when Leaders create trusting relationships. The article reminded me of a conversation I had with a “battler” at the local shopping mall the other day. He was a middle aged guy wearing a black Tee shirt that […]

Misleading Conduct # 10 : Continually Moving the Performance Goalposts

Misleaders always want to be focussed on the performance of the business as an outcome AND always want to operate as if there is no connection between their leadership and the performance outcomes of their people. How many times have we seen or heard organisations state… “Our people are our most important asset”….or… “Our business is our people”….? How […]

Misleading Conduct # 8 – Playing Favourites

No matter what size or type of business they lead, leaders will most likely interact with dozens, hundreds or thousands of people in a month. Most of them will fall into various categories: executive team members, customers, stakeholders, media, etc. The best way to mislead in interactions with the members of each group is to divide […]

Misleading Conduct # 7 – Micromanaging Your People

Mis-leaders focus on the insignificant. They go deep into the organisation and tell others how to do their job. Mis-leadership through micromanagement is guaranteed to make people fearful on several levels: They will fear that you think they can’t do their job; They will be afraid that you are up to something, but they won’t […]

Misleading Conduct #6: Misconducting Yourself

By Ian Sampson  When I first started email conversations with friends about these posts I was overwhelmed with responses that added colour, new dimensions, additional insights and even the odd touch of personally bitter experiences. Many of the practices identified boil down to misbehaviors and misconduct that actually destroy leadership credibility and effectiveness. Here is a sample of these misconducts: Making […]

Misleading Conduct #4 – Making Lousy Decisions or No Decisions At All

By Ian Sampson So much of leadership is really about providing usable direction to followers. Followers yearn for a leader who can point them in the right direction. Leaders do a lot of other things as well, but providing direction is foundational and fundamental. Much of managing is about making decisions on how to get […]

Misleading Conduct #3: Justifying Poor Performance

By Ian Sampson Every follower,  every analyst, every thwarted applicant for the job the misleader has just been appointed to knows the game: the new leader will use the first 100 days to find all the skeletons in the closet, work out who has the goods on whom, etc. New “rulers” who disguise themselves as […]

Misleading Conduct #2: Not providing space for your people

By Ian Sampson  Space and context interrelate. If context is the story which leaders describe to allow work to be done, space is the amount of freedom within that story that followers have to do their work. Like most mothers, my mother was an amazing woman and an effective leader in our family and the […]