Its Been An Arrogant Week

  By Chris Gandy Sure, none of us are perfect and we all have our foibles of various descriptions. But, I find it interesting though that when I come across a person with a pretty out there bad behaviour, I invariably encounter two or three others in a short space of time with the same behavioural flaws. I guess poor […]

Backword … On Misleading Conduct

From Ian Sampson The Misleading Conduct series started out as a few “notes to self” on leadership, based on my own experiences, as well as many years of observing and working with and for leaders in all kinds of organisations. As I shared some of these thoughts with friends, a kind of virtual conversation has […]

Misleading Conduct #16: Be Flaky On Safety

By Ian Sampson “People are our most important asset and Safety is our number one priority.” ”Yata yata, yata!” as George would say in the Seinfeld series. You can almost see people’s eyes glaze over as the visitors read it on the laminated policy statement in the foyer or the faithful employees sit in the training […]

Misleading Conduct #15: Having a Dysfunctional Home Life

By Ian Sampson As the old saying goes, “Being emotionally crippled is not essential for running a business but it sure helps!” (I just made that old saying up!) So what if your personal life is a mess? What does it matter, so long as you delude yourself that you are keeping up appearances on […]

Misleading Conduct #14 – When Times Get Tough, Lock Yourself Away

 By Ian Sampson This misrule sometimes gets interpreted heroically as “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Misleaders, however, have taken this to a new place: when the going gets tough they get going to a never-ending series of crisis sessions, or better yet a secretive crisis strategy meeting where they meet for days […]