If Not Now, Then When?

  Today the UN has proclaimed to be International Day of the World’s Indigenous People – an occasion to celebrate the stories, cultures and unique identities of indigenous Peoples around the world. In following a few links about the Day, I came across an interesting project that I would like to make more people aware of […]

You Will Never See An Office Block As Efficient As a Tree

    Last Saturday (21st March) was International Day of Forests – a UN sponsored event designed to raise awareness of the global importance of all types of forests and of trees outside of forests. Forests are the most biologically diverse ecosystems on land. They also provide shelter, employment and security for forest-dependent communities. Their […]

Brought to You By Yellow 428

  By Chris Gandy This morning I found one of our of Dorper sheep dead in the paddock. We knew her only by an identifying ear tag – Yellow 428. She was 5 years of age, had a lamb 2 months ago and seemed to be a picture of health – and for me couldn’t have […]

There Is Nothing New Under The Leadership Sun

By Chris Gandy My sheep farming friend Alf has many favourite sayings and one he repeats continually is: “Farming is a lifelong learning experience and the core subject is you” My frequent conversations with Alf sprang to mind recently when I read The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership by Michael Soupios and Panos Mourdoukoutas (M&P).  They have reviewed the […]

“The Helping Hand” – A Scary Not For Profit Story

By Chris Gandy Over at Nonprofit With Balls Vu Le has been collecting and running a number of “scary” not for profit stories to get us in a ghoulish mood for Halloween. We have borrowed one of the yarns and given it a bit of an Australian flavour and here it is: The CEO of a […]

Relearning to Endure

  By Chris Gandy Following an unusually dry winter the heavens opened above our place about 10 days ago and so far have deposited about 15 inches of rain. Living on a hill as we do means that rainfall of this magnitude is little more than an inconvenience. Mind you being 21st century pampered humans, that […]

You Too Can Be Tinny

By Chris Gandy Another weekend and another chance encounter in the bush with my old friend Alf. Rain was forecast for the coming week and we were both trying to keep our other halves happy by stocking up on firewood. Needing little excuse to stop working, Alf quickly stopped sawing and started to regale me with […]

How Many Baskets Do You Have Your Eggs In?

  By Chris Gandy Ran into local sage Alf again yesterday and he started lamenting: “There just aren’t any serious farmers around anymore” “Hey, what do you mean” I said feeling a bit affronted. “I might be small time but I take this farming thing pretty seriously as does everyone I know around here” “Yeah […]

How Much Does That Cost?

By Sara Harrup My family owns chickens. Three of them. Tara, Annabel and Katrina. One dedicated to each of our children. They are delightfully social animals. We don’t intend to eat them. They lay eggs which we eat with gratitude. Katrina was recently attacked by a dog and wounded very badly. I took her to […]