A Revolution Is Happening – Take Advantage

From Chris Gandy Whether we like it or not there is a quiet revolution is happening and as is the nature of such events – there are bound to be winners and losers. The revolution in question is in the workplace and is about how we do work. It is having a game changing impact – causing […]

Too Old for Social Media? Not!

From Dennis Fischman A bright and accomplished colleague wrote to me with a troubling question.  “There was  a job opening my contact encouraged me to apply for. I hesitated because one of the requirements said “Digital native” which threw me off. My understanding of the definition is people who grew up with technology from birth, […]

Risk Assessment Model – Watch Out for Biases!

By Anya Faingersh In my post on Risk Awareness I promised to offer a comprehensive model for managing your risks, so here I am, fulfilling my promise. Successful management of risks is based on their proper assessment, because the main decisions you’ll be making here would mostly be about dedicating resources for dealing with the risks. Knowing […]

Raising Awareness of Risk Awareness

By Anya Faingersh Living in an uncertain world makes proper Risk Management critical for survival. In our age of frequent natural and man-made disasters, volatile markets and economic meltdowns, recognising and targeting of possible risks is of Manager’s highest priorities. However, Risk Management is  a complicated affair, especially on an organisational level, and it utilises […]

When the Rains Come

  By Sara Harrup 23 years ago I was a nurse working in the operating theatre of a large public hospital. One day whilst assisting with surgery on a man whose life was hanging in the balance, all the power went down. There were a few seconds where everything went quiet (except the sound of […]

Sure Beats Wandering in the Bush

By Chris Gandy I am relatively new to the farming game and have been on a steep learning curve for the past 25 years or so. One of he first lessons I learnt from this adventure was from Neil, a sheep farmer who breeds fine wool merinos. Neil’s sheep were coming into lambing season and be […]

A Cloudy Future

Every organisation I know is considering the how, what and when of migrating some or all of their IT services to the cloud. Those in favour cite the reduced cost, the flexibility of cloud solutions and the lack of maintenance overhead. Those who think it’s a bad idea worry about the security risks and the hidden […]

How Highly Does Your Not-For-Profit Rank Innovation?

By Chris Gandy Came across two pieces of PwC research which shows that CEO’s around the world are increasing  their efforts to innovate and find new ways to do business, in a move to stimulate growth in a challenging global business environment. A PwC Pulse Survey of 246 CEOs in North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the […]

Send in the clones

By Chris Gandy During a recent coaching session, a CEO recounted a conversation she had the month before with her Chairman. Apparently, the Chairman was micromanaging  and giving her a tough time asking “has this been done, has that been done“? I asked her how she responded. “Told him.. I’ll get my clone to do this and my […]