Alpha or Omega?

Note To Leaders of Cause-Based Organisations To effectively lead your organisation from good to great could I respectfully suggest you: Don’t follow, lead & pursue. Don’t copy, create & cultivate. Don’t start, finish & complete. Don’t sit still, move & shift. Don’t fit in, stand out & be extraordinary. Don’t sit quietly, speak up & with […]

Give Your New CEO An Even Chance By Reducing Wake Turbulence

By Chris Gandy This is the third in our series of posts each dedicated to one of the opportunities (we call them Janus Factors) that present themselves to cause-based organisations during the executive transition period between the announcement of a Chief Executive’s departure and the on-boarding of a replacement. Last Monday I  caught an early morning flight from […]

Leaders behaving badly

By Ian Sampson In a recent Forbes article some learned authors distilled seven unproductive behaviours of unsuccessful leaders. They were: Habit # 1: They see themselves and their companies as dominating their environment Habit #2: They identify so completely with the company that there is no clear boundary between their personal interests and their corporation’s […]

3 Reasons we fail to act on our dreams

By Patrick McFadden  Thinking about our future is easy. We all think, all the time. We spend time thinking about starting a business, thinking about writing that book, thinking about speaking to a group, thinking about having that meeting or thinking about the wonderful things our cause-based organisation can do. Thinking isn’t so hard. But taking […]

Questions can be far more important than the answer.

By Chris Gandy Having sat through many many board meetings in cause-based organisations I am convinced that very few board members appreciate the immense power they have to create lasting change by simply asking some seemingly innocuous questions. Recognition of the power of questions goes way back. Socrates taught by asking questions. Einstein once said: “If I had an […]

Seizing opportunity from the jaws of crisis

By Chris Gandy Even in the best of circumstances the departure of a Chief Executive from a cause-based organisation can be highly disruptive. Staff are unsettled. Programs may be placed at risk. Indecision and uncertainty often reign. Clients get twitchy not to mention funding bodies. Also, if we are absolutely honest with ourselves more the one volunteer […]

Don’t under-estimate the power of real experience in Executive Coaching

By Chris Gandy Much is written about “what makes a good executive coach” – do a search and see how often it comes up. Most pundits seem to agree on an array of personal qualities such as trust, integrity, active listening, interpersonal skills, tough love, confidentiality, organisational insight etc. All are important, but one quality […]