Making Exceptional Chairs Common

By Chris Gandy Most of us will have stories to tell about how people find themselves being appointed Chairs of not for profit organisations: “Guess what happened, I couldn’t make the AGM and ended up getting elected as the Chair” or “When they called for nominations everyone took a step back and I was too slow”. Amusing stuff, if only […]

If The Alarm Bells Are Ringing – Act!

By Chris Gandy Over the past few months I have had the sad duty to attend the funerals of two friends. Both were men, lived in the same community (though didn’t know each other as far as I know) and were around my age. Both events were highly upsetting but what added to the grief […]

Death By Meeting

By Sara Harrup It’s 2.30 pm. You are feeling a little after lunch slump. What you really feel like doing is settling into some work which doesn’t require too much brain power until your energy picks up again. What you actually have to do is go to a meeting. Eight people, one room, ugly topic. […]

Tell Me What Your Really Thinking – The Importance of Board Feedback

“I am so frustrated. My board is made up of some wonderful passionate and well intentioned people, but they are absolutely hopeless in giving me any constructive feedback on how I and my senior team are travelling. We are flying blind you know”” This was the opening remark from a seasoned not for profit CEO I recently […]

Misleading Conduct # 8 – Playing Favourites

No matter what size or type of business they lead, leaders will most likely interact with dozens, hundreds or thousands of people in a month. Most of them will fall into various categories: executive team members, customers, stakeholders, media, etc. The best way to mislead in interactions with the members of each group is to divide […]

Are Thorny Problems Drawing Your Full Attention From Your Cause?

Can you relate to this? You are part of an Executive Leadership team in an organisation – maybe the CEO or a Senior Executive – and have hit a problem that is seemingly so intractable that it is consuming an inordinate part of your work time and possibly keeping you awake at night. As you […]

Nearly All CEO’s Want It But Only One In Three Get It

The Stanford Graduate School of Business and The Miles Group recently surveyed over 200 CEOs and found that nearly two-thirds do not receive coaching or leadership advice from outside consultants or coaches, and almost half of their senior executives are not receiving any either. It further found almost 100% of CEO’s see value in receiving […]

Misleading Conduct #6: Misconducting Yourself

By Ian Sampson  When I first started email conversations with friends about these posts I was overwhelmed with responses that added colour, new dimensions, additional insights and even the odd touch of personally bitter experiences. Many of the practices identified boil down to misbehaviors and misconduct that actually destroy leadership credibility and effectiveness. Here is a sample of these misconducts: Making […]