How Maslow Can Help Us Build More Effective NFP Boards

Talking with people who are on NFP boards, the conversation often turns to why they decided to join a particular board. Invariably many will respond by saying it was a passion for the cause that influenced their decision. Unfortunately, while certainly important, a highly effective NFP board today needs a great deal more than truck loads of […]

The Extraordinary Relationship Between Chairman and CEO

The relationship between a Chairman and a CEO is special. Great Chairs often act as a confidant, mentor, adviser, sounding board and interpreter for the CEO. Recently I had the privilege of coaching a Chairman who fulfills this role with distinction in his organisation. In some other organisations, I get to play the role that this […]

Don’t Seek a Board Position UNLESS….

  In my work as a coach to CEO’s, Chairs, Directors and senior executives we often discuss what makes for a good Board applicant. Chairs are usually thinking about this from a recruitment angle, the others from being interested applicants. From a combination of study, research and personal experience here is a checklist that I […]

Any Not For Profit That Runs Like a Business Will Go Broke

Are you tired of being asked, “Why can’t you run your not for profit like a business?” I’ve written about how not for profits can use advice written for businesses (with just a little translation).  When it comes to not for profit finance, however, some business wisdom is just wrong. Clara Miller, the former director […]

The CSI Findings of a Failed CEO Recruit

By Chris Gandy “She lasted 12 weeks!” The Chair of a mid-sized not for profit was referring to his organisation’s most recent CEO. The Chair was surprising frank and it was obvious he and his Board had conducted a great deal of soul-searching since the departure of the latest CEO. “Our new CEO was a great […]

Will Key Staff Go If The CEO Leaves?

  By Chris Gandy Myths seen to abound in not for profits and one I heard repeated yet again this week by a NFP Board member is: “They will all go if the CEO leaves” The belief being that there will be an exodus of good staff if her CEO departs. The corollary of this being […]

Turning Lemons Into Lemon Sorbet With Interim Leadership

  We have published a number of posts on Leadership Transition over the year and attempted to argue the case for not for profit Boards to seriously consider following a formal Transition Program when recruiting a new CEO. Here Tara Levy of Greenlights points out that such a Program is of great benefit to an organisation even when the “recruitment […]

How a Departing CEO Should Gracefully Exit Stage Right

The departure of a CEO, for whatever reason, can be disruptive for an organisation. No matter what the relationship was with the Board and Staff, a departing CEO has a responsibility to remain loyal to the organisation and its mission and to leave with as much grace and positivity as possible. Exiting in this way isn’t as […]