Salad Days

  By Sara Harrup Each year some of my partner’s friends make the trek from Victoria to the Gold Coast for a three-week holiday. Each year they also head on up from the Gold Coast up to see us for a lazy afternoon of food, swimming and chats. This morning as I was preparing the salads for […]

When Work Becomes Intolerable

By Sara Harrup Many years ago I landed a job which looked to be a real coup. Great salary and conditions, fabulous location, nice people and a charismatic boss. I did a fair bit of due diligence on the organisation before I accepted the position and I thought that although challenging, I would be able […]

Surviving Office Politics

By Sara Harrup I’ve worked in and been involved with some great organizations in my life. Places where I felt so strongly about the cause I would have sold my soul for it. Places where my salary and conditions were so good my only financial worry was when I was getting my next pedicure. If […]

Team Leaders/Middle Managers – The Forgotten People

  By Sara Harrup Being an executive comes with a lot of responsibility. It can be a stressful job. It can be lonely and professionally isolating. The world of business consultants, trainers and other professionals are offering a growing suite of products for busy executives. Executive coaching, CEO groups, business consulting, change management advice! The […]

So You Want To Go On A Course?

By Sara Harrup Learning has changed. Ten years ago if you wanted to learn something new you went to university, a private college or TAFE, or booked yourself into a short course. You might have dabbled in a bit of online learning, depending on the size of your organisation and its emphasis on staff development. […]

Five Dysfunctional Email Traits to Conquer

By Sara Harrup Email has been with us for a long time now and is one of the great things about the modern organization. Despite many other communication technologies, email still takes its place at the centre of many organizations’ electronic communication methods. It’s a great tool! It’s also a vehicle for displaying many of […]

Fun At Work

By Sara Harrup We don’t typically think of the workplace as the scene of a great amount of fun! For the most part we view work as a serious matter, scattered with the odd laugh here and there. Sometimes we get the opportunity to eat a nice piece of cake when a colleague has a […]

How Much Does That Cost?

By Sara Harrup My family owns chickens. Three of them. Tara, Annabel and Katrina. One dedicated to each of our children. They are delightfully social animals. We don’t intend to eat them. They lay eggs which we eat with gratitude. Katrina was recently attacked by a dog and wounded very badly. I took her to […]

It’s Not the Clothes! It’s the Culture!

By Sara Harrup Over the years I have been involved with many organisations in a range of sectors. The people in those organisations have presented themselves in many different ways, from wearing suits, with conservative personal presentation, to shorts and jeans with blue hair and as many piercings as one can possibly fit into one’s […]

Hello? Is Anybody There?

By Sara Harrup I’m a fundamentally shy person. Those that have met me might dispute that, but my shyness is an internal state of being which I have worked hard to overcome, or at least worked hard to work with. Believe it or not, until about 10 years ago talking on the phone used to […]