One Important Marketing Lesson You Won’t Learn in a Book

By Patrick McFadden When I look back at the beginning years of Indispensable Marketing, the lesson I wish I had figured out earlier is you can’t read your way out of a problem. When I first launched and needed advice, my tendency was to grab a book and go off in the corner to figure […]

Two Things Not For Profits Really Need to Know About Marketing

By Patrick McFadden Marketing just isn’t that complicated. Oh, sure, there’s all the figuring new stuff out every new day, but really, when it comes down to it, there are only two things that actually matter. Get these factors right – keep these factors as the basis for every business and marketing decision – and things […]

Marketing is a Waste of Money and Time

From Patrick McFadden Okay, show of hands.Who else has heard that marketing is a waste of money and time? Well, it’s true! Marketing is a waste of money and time…. if you’re not in sync, in rhythm and attuned to reality. What you want it to be or what it used to be—is not reality. Instead, […]

Why Your Not For Profit Doesn’t Need to Freak Out Over Marketing

From Patrick McFadden We all know that Marketing is evolving, right? The Marketing world is prone to change, and it’s worth noting by keeping loose change — 1, 2 and 5 cent coins —around you as a constant reminder.But even with all these changes, the truth is marketing is not anything to freak out over. […]

The Results of the Status Quo

By Patrick McFadden Status quo thinking brings mediocre results. The Status Quo Formula: Status quo= Mediocre =Average Mediocrity is very common and it means being average. Average professionals, businesses, and organisations are average. Average is for losers!  This may sound harsh but the reason that average is for losers is that given the choice between remarkable and average, nobody picks […]

Creating Massive Marketing Success for Your Cause

By Patrick McFadden  If you’re trying to market a cause or anything for that matter, you’re probably looking for that one silver bullet or key to make your organisation explode in supporters and fundraising .You buy the books, the online courses, the CDs and the DVDs that will tell you the steps to unlocking this massive marketing success. You subscribe […]

Four Ways Your Organisation Can Generate Attention

The behavior of today’s clients, supporters and stakeholders has changed in that they poke and search for informational solutions primarily via search and social media and social networks. This means your organisation needs to have useful and relevant content at the right time—when people are looking to solve their problem—and in the right places—where they will […]

The New Culture of Generosity

The connection economy has caused a shift and I have watched this shift in myself, my colleagues, and the marketplace. I call it “The New Culture of Generosity”. Against popular opinion, I don’t believe that social media promotes narcissism. It certainly doesn’t reward it. While there will always be exceptions, the people who are “takers” are […]

Say goodbye to the Gate-Keeper

By Patrick McFadden If I were to write about this eleven years ago I would have been considered idiosyncratic, but today I think it’s more visible than ever to see. When I say gatekeeper I’m not talking about some mystical character out of a book. I’m talking about the individuals, groups or organisations that decide whether […]