By Joe Moore Do you find a common behaviour of leaders and supervisors who are controlling is they make many observations starting with:     “The trouble with people is…” You may find they go on to rationalise their heroic, impatient “to get anything done you have to do it yourself” chaos with comments about not having […]

Rules. Stupid Rules

  By Joe Moore In the last quarter of 2014, Deloitte Australia released their report into the productivity challenges of red tape. Australians have a mixed response to rules. When something seems confusing we want more rules – just recently for example, about what clothing you can wear to Parliament House. We also loved the […]

But I Only Want One

  By Joe Moore It was a unique demonstration of the art of making a set of matryoshka dolls from the one block of wood. You may be familiar with this Russian nesting doll or babushka. A set of, typically five, wooden dolls. Each doll may be taken apart to reveal another one – except […]


  By Joe Moore An obscure Rolling Stone’s song “No Expectations” lies at one extreme end of a string of their 60s recordings. “Satisfaction” – the mid-60s anthem to the search for perfection towers at the other end of the extreme. These two songs appropriately bookend “You can’t always get what you want”  – the […]

The Great Candour Robbery

  By Joe Moore Where has all the candour gone? Most of us like being surrounded by people who agree with us and tell us how bright we are and how easy we are to get along with. It’s easy to get confused when this happens. Are people agreeing with your strategy because they think […]

Answer a Question With a Question?

By Joe Moore One of the challenges for leaders and managers is making the daily grind so interesting and constructive that no one can wait to get to work! The challenge is tough – consider that many of the tasks performed in your organisation are also performed in all organisations.  A deadline is a deadline, […]


By Joe Moore I remember the day I scored 88% on a high school Science test we completed for homework. It is the highest score I ever made in Science. I have no idea what the topics were, no idea what the questions were. No idea whether I have ever had the opportunity to apply […]


By Joe Moore Do you get a bit uncomfortable in a conversation where you think your contribution, or performance is challenged? When you start to think that others are trying to get you to change, do you become a little uneasy and try to change the subject of the conversation? When I am uncomfortable in a […]

The 4 X 2 Rule: Projects on Steroids

By Joe Moore A common rule of thumb used by leaders, and much admired by consultants, is the “4 by 2” rule. The rule means that, in our experience, projects take four times as long and cost twice as much as the project plan says or vice versa – and that’s the successful projects. Projects […]