Small Change

  Sometimes when we are considering making a change at work or outside work we struggle. Some of the steps and tasks towards making the change seem so minor we skip them. One more chocolate – what difference could one make to our healthy living objective? We’ve decided to focus at our team meetings and […]


  You probably have a couple of credit cards. You guard your password or pin number diligently. Only you may spend money on your credit card. Imagine your work time is like a credit card. Lots of people ask you for your time for meetings, catch-ups over coffee, interruptions…these folk are spending your time. You […]

Put It In Writing….

  How many times have you heard “we can’t do anything about it until you put it in writing?” For whatever reason the person making the statement has – it’s rarely a helpful statement to make. You say “write” and I hear “dismissed”. Especially in response to a conversation about other’s poor behaviour. Yet the […]


  Organisations go to a great deal of trouble to attract the most suitable people. It makes sense then to follow up the investment in new recruits by taking care to retain employees. There is no shortage of information about retention strategies – Google scholar lists 16000 articles for 2015 alone. Strategies to retain employees […]

Preaching To The Converted

The converted. Let’s define them those who have helped to improve some feature of their work area, and who are now trying to make sure the improvements are sustained. Against the sometimes ambiguous results of change programs the converted may be an endangered species – certainly rare. If they are not nurtured, supported and encouraged […]

Good Help Is Hard To Give

Many people find giving help hard work. How many times have you tried simply to talk about what is bothering you, only to be met with “well – here’s what I would do”? With the implicit message that you should do that too. Operating with the best of intentions we may give what we think […]

The Custodians of Failure

You are in a discussion about how to do something better at work. There is good agreement that the practice needs to be changed. The idea of the meeting is to canvass suggestions to be evaluated after a series of meetings to generate ideas. The discussion is going well, and then. One of your organisation’s […]

If you have five minutes…

It’s the end of a busy week. Staff concerns, customer calls, emails, financial reports, and you find yourself with five minutes spare. Spend the time on yourself. You have achieved something this day or this week towards a goal you have set yourself. Maybe you have decided to listen more and there have been a number […]

What Bait Do Fish Like?

An important skill for getting along with others is “versatility”. If we are versatile we can move freely from person to person, from one topic to another. We interact with many people and we find it constructive to be able to adapt, to be flexible. Getting a good reputation for versatility means we find ways […]

I’ve Never Met a Vodka I Didn’t Like

By Joe Moore A couple of strangers sat down at the long, common café table. Both laden with shopping bags. One of them asked for a vodka tonic, and settled for a glass of white wine. The other looked up from the menu and ordered white wine and then asked; “Do you know about vodka? […]