Confidence, Power and Possibility in Leading.

By Ian Sampson If you are a TED fan it is quite likely you are one of the 6.5 million people who has seen Ben Zender give his talk on Music and Passion (Zender is, amongst other things, the Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra). The talk is a wonderfully inspiring piece about classical music. It also has […]

A Guided Walk For Leaders

By Ian Sampson A few months ago I published an e-book entitled: “Misleading Conduct.” It is about the dreadful things that poor leaders do to their people in organisations. If you are a subscriber to our Experientia newsletter you may have been sent a copy with our compliments. As with any work that describes something […]

Lessons On Leadership

By Ian Sampson I read a story this morning in Forbes magazine about a leader who failed to act when he saw a young woman abusing an older woman on a bus. What stopped him, when he knew he should or could have done something? He said it was self-preservation in the end that constrained […]

Understanding Cultural Imperatives

By Ian Sampson This post comes from Incheon, South Korea where I am working for a week using the Process Enneagram as a basis for consulting on a seemingly intractable problem. One of the key elements in the Process Enneagram, which underpins our Powerful Leadership in Action Program,  is to uncover and understand contextual, structural and culture aspects […]

Leading Thought

By Ian Sampson I have a Google alert that daily gives new the new leadership articles on the web. It is fascinating to watch the ebbs and flows of thought about what works and what doesn’t in fostering new leaders or addressing issues with present leaders.  From my reading of things the current thought seems […]

The Power Of More Than One

By Ian Sampson High profile leaders of the past and present have usually been great at one aspect of leadership and merely good to so so at several others. For example,  George Bush was good at strategy in mobilising US citizens in the War on Terror but was pretty ordinary on fiscal responsibility, as witnessed by his $1.2 […]

New Thinking Is Required

By Ian Sampson One of the biggest issues that bedevils cause based organisations  is surely: “How do we get the funds we need to deliver on our mission?” The traditional sources of revenue are increasingly difficult to access. The opportunities for generating new funding continue to be incremental rather than quantum leaps. The cost of […]

Leadership Inaction?

From Ian Sampson During my recent visit to Pakistan, my host at the Islamabad Club chuckled and said : ” Do you mean “Leadership In Action” or “Leadership Inaction?” “It has to be the first,” I smiled in reply. “Leadership Inaction” is an oxymoron. Leaders are sometimes still but their quietness should not be confused […]

Backword … On Misleading Conduct

From Ian Sampson The Misleading Conduct series started out as a few “notes to self” on leadership, based on my own experiences, as well as many years of observing and working with and for leaders in all kinds of organisations. As I shared some of these thoughts with friends, a kind of virtual conversation has […]