Tools to Remain Positive

 I am often asked how I stay positive most of the time. In one workplace me being positive was seen as an issue by some at the company. That said, I do have my down moments, however I believe that a Positive Attitude will enable anyone to perform better than a negative one. For example, would […]

What To do When Things Go Wrong?

  So why is it important for us to stay positive? What would be your reaction if your boss came in and was in a panic and talking about the sky falling in? What about if your boss came in and advised we had a problem and is looking for a team approach to possible […]

Doing Cool Stuff

Have you ever been held back, by people saying things like “that is too risky?” Has your boss ever said no to a project because they are risk averse? Have you ever wanted to do something, but found yourself second guessing yourself? Have these projects or activities been cool stuff? If you answer “yes” to […]

Adventure Is New Experiences

By Attila Ovari The other day someone asked me about my passions in life. One of my answers was adventure. I was then asked about what I meant by adventure. Good question, as adventure can be different for different people. Adventure is a personal thing. For some adventure is travelling to different countries and experiencing […]

How Do You Act Around Others?

  By Attila Ovari As I walk the dog I have noticed something very interesting… Some mornings he looks like he is exhausted with his tongue hanging out of his head. He will have his head down and slow down as we walk around the block. However…. when there is another dog around things change. […]

Running Barefoot

By Attila Ovari Yesterday I did my morning run a little differently. I ran without shoes. I had heard about barefoot running and wondered what it was all about. It was an interesting experience. At the start it was a very strange feeling and then in a remarkably short period became quite comfortable, even relaxing. […]

Breaking A Habit

By Attila Ovari Do you have habits you would like to change? Maybe its a change in diet, maybe a change in sleeping habits, maybe it is change in routine or maybe it is around exercise. Whatever the habit, have you noticed how hard it can be? One definition of a habit is “a settled or […]

Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

By Attila Ovari Are you the type of person that believes in the glass being half full or half empty? Do you see the bright side of a situation? What do you do when things go wrong? You may have noticed in this world that some people seem to always see the bright side of […]

Personal Development Lessons From Ice Skating

  By Attila Ovari Went ice skating as part of my daughter’s birthday and it was an awesome experience. It had been years since I have been ice skating and it was good to get back out there. As I watched both the adults and children a few things came to mind that are just as […]

Fighting the Flow

By Attila Ovari This morning as I prepared myself for the office I got thinking about flow. One definition of flow is “move steadily and continuously in a current or stream.” The flow I am referring to is that sense of everything heading in the one direction in your life. The question that I have […]