Lead By Sharing Others Ideas


As a leader in your company and in your field, please share your own experiences. It’s a good thing to do! Your stories–and the lessons you’ve learned–will be valuable to your colleagues when they face similar challenges.

You can share your stories and lessons in person, or on social media, or in a blog like this one. But it’s important to remember: not all the content you share has to be your own.

Curating content means finding the most valuable information that other people have produced, adding value to it with your own comments, and sharing it with your audience.

Like a curator in a museum, when you curate online, you don’t paint the pictures. You choose what to display and what to say about each piece.

Check out my guest post on Tripp Braden’s Developing Serving Leaders blog, How You Can Lead by Sharing Others’ Ideas. You will discover:

  • Four Reasons to Share Curated Content
  • How to Find Good Content to Share
  • Plus a bonus:
    Expert Tips for Content Curators

– See more at: How You Can Lead by Sharing Others’ Ideas.

By Dennis Fischman : Dennis is a Cause & Effective Associate who helps not for profits and small business discover better ways to communicate and, in the process, win friends and get the support they need. He is also the author of The No-Nonsense Nonprofit Guide to Social Media

About B-Cause

B-Cause is published by Cause and Effective. We help good causes find and attract effective leaders.

1 Response

  1. ians123

    Thanks for the post Dennis.
    My first thought was: “but a curator is not a leader.” Second thought was “Hmmm. Maybe a curator could be a leader.”
    A leaderful curator presumably comes to the task with a good understanding of the need for the curation in the first place: why it is worthwhile and what it will add to the world by having it. Then curators apply their knowledge, skills, experiences, models, ideals and the like to the topic and make it their own. Then they add in some clear intentions: to stimulate, lift, confront, encourage the viewer etc. And finally they care about the experience they will be creating for the viewer. Hmmm, starts to sound and look like real leadership!
    Thanks for sharing. And in the spirit of sharing, readers in Brisbane might find the ideas and events at The Leadership Foundation of value:http://www.theleadershipfoundation.com.au

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