Adeptly Tackling Wicked Problems


Uncertainty around complexity is more manageable when you think differently about the problems and the people involved and you have a proven process to follow.

To us different thinking means that we need to be ADEPT :

Appreciative that people, at their best, bring experience, knowledge and wisdom to decision-making.

Accepting that Diverse perspectives, knowledge and values are needed for effective collaboration, including those from people with ‘lived experience’ of the problem.

Aware of the Emergent principle that we can’t plan our moves too far in advance and expect things to go as predicted because messiness, unpredictability and uncertainty are necessary precursors of positive change.

Participatory in our approach as shared decision-making, shared solution ownership and accountable implementation are all essential parts of the complex problem-solving process.

And Thoughtful that people need time for conversation, to listen, learn and digest new information, to test new ideas and form solutions that stick.

By John Dengate – John is a Director at Twyfords. He and his team can coach you to have a different experience that forever changes the way you think about how to tackle complex issues.


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Thats our take on things. Over to you, please add to the discussion.

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