I’ve Never Met a Vodka I Didn’t Like


By Joe Moore

A couple of strangers sat down at the long, common café table. Both laden with shopping bags.

One of them asked for a vodka tonic, and settled for a glass of white wine.

The other looked up from the menu and ordered white wine and then asked;

“Do you know about vodka? Only that I just bought some and I got the most expensive – you get what you pay for with alcohol right?”

The guy’s response? I loved it!

“I’ve never met a vodka I didn’t like!”

This conversation started like many others you and I have had, almost everyone has had. Sit down beside a stranger and talk about things that demand little or no knowledge of each other – weather, the surroundings, the city you are in…The conversation may simply end there.

It’s the easiest conversation zone – requires little effort, little risk.

When we work with others though it is not enough.

When we need to relate to others professionally – it helps to know a little about them personally, and for them to know a little about us. It’s all part of cultivating relationships.

What are you prepared to talk about to create the balance between the personal and the professional in your working relationships?

Generally people with whom you have a professional relationship like to know a little about why you do what you do. They like to know a little about the person behind the office, behind your position. Pick three things you are comfortable talking about – open up a little more than you do now.

Would you lighten the business conversation with some information or a story about – children, family, holiday, your observations about anything in which you have an interest?

This post is by Joe Moore. Joe is the founder and principal of Kimber Moore Associates. He and his team are highly skilled in helping leaders and staff deal with uncertainty, change, complexity and conflicts. You can contact Joe here

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