Like Transforming a Home Into a Grand Design


By Chris Gandy
When attempting to explain a new concept or way of doing things, it is interesting how many in the audience try to liken the idea to an existing construct.

I have been on the road lately talking about our Janus Leadership Transition Program and a common reaction has been to compare it to one of those ubiquitous reality television home renovation shows. If this comparison is going to help people understand the Program, I am happy to play along, though I do like to compare it to Grand Designs myself.

When you think about it the parallels are quite obvious. Both Janus and these shows are about realising a vision, managing a change, bold decisions, hard work, transformation and celebrating in the result. But I like to throw in another similarity initially missed by most which is all about how these projects are resourced.

While the viewers’ attention is drawn away by all manner of soapy drama antics, rarely seen on these shows are the bevy of experts (builders, carpenters, plumbers, landscapers, decorators – the list goes on) all contributing to this marvelous transformation happening before our eyes in less than 60 minutes.

Clearly without this army of professionals, backyards wouldn’t be transformed, houses wouldn’t be so quickly and expertly renovated and new impressive structures wouldn’t be constructed. And the same applies to the Janus Program. We place an Interim CEO in an organisation to oversee day-to-day operations and manage the implementation of the Transition Program. The Interim is no caretaker, but an energetic doer, supported by (currently) over 70 subject matter experts who can quickly advise and assist on all manner of issues that may be preventing an organisation from truly flourishing in the future – not to mention discouraging excellent forward thinking candidates from applying for the new CEO role.

To us it is this smorgasbord of resources that provides the true value of the Janus Program. As a team we can metaphorically transform a humble home into a grand design.
To learn more about our Janus Program and how it can assist an organisation when a CEO departs, contact us here.

Chris is the founder and a director of Cause & Effective. He and his team guide not for profits through the tricky time of CEO transition by helping them minimise the risks and maximise the opportunities that arise.


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