What Would You LIKE These Holidays?


By Chris Gandy

The Christmas/New Year Holiday Season is a great opportunity for many of us to catch-up. A time to grab that book, read some articles we have bookmarked, maybe listen to some music.

But what to read? The media is awash with suggestions of what we SHOULD be focusing our eyes and ears on.

Well we thought we would approach it a little differently this year and tell authors, publishers and record labels what we would LIKE to read and hear.

Here is a “wish list” of titles from some of our regular B-Cause contributors………..

Dennis Fischman would love to toast his toes in front of the fire in Boston this Holiday Season reading:

  • Successful Mideast Peace Negotiators Offer Services to Ukraine, Russia
  • Facebook and FaceTime Face Off
  • Today’s Beijing Weather Report: Sunny and Clear
  • Experts Declare Businesses Should Be Run Like Not for Profits
  • Americans Stop Mentioning Crocodile Dundee to Every Australian They Meet
  • Every Nation Now Offers Free Higher Education
  • Scientists Invent Time Machine, Go Back to 2001, Halt Global Warming
  • Government Offers Grant to Read Fiction and Play With Your Cat
  • Jennifer Lawrence wins Oscar for Amazing Performance As Meryl Streep
  • Rich People Give Everything they Don’t Really Need to Poor People. (Poor People Agree to Accept)

Ian Sampson would like to wile away the hours in Brisbane reading, visiting new websites and listening to a little music:

  • The Narcissism Anonymous Website: It’s for the kind of person who has a lot to be modest about
  • World Peace.org. Their motto is: “It is only when you see a mosquito landing on your testicles that you realize that there is always a way to solve problems without using violence.”
  • Ivehearditallbefore.org. Their motto is: “How come the only people who know how to run the country are either driving taxis or cutting hair?”
  • Tony Abbott singing “Promises. I’ve made a few, but then again too few to mention.”
  • Bill Shorten singing “Howzat!” after another of his zinging political ripostes.
  • Tony to encore with “Colleagues; I’ve bruised a few, but then again, too few to mention.”
  • Mediocrity.com. It’s the site for most of us.
  • The Password to the members’ area on www.yourpasswordisinvalid.org

Attila Ovari (Canberra) and Joe Moore (Blue Mountains) obviously don’t expect to have as much  time on their hands and will be restricting their reading to:

  • How the World Can Work Together Without a Disaster or Common Enemy (Attila)
  •  Federal Politicians Working Together” (Attila)
  • The Rise and Rise of Australian Migration (Joe)
  • The Fall and Fall of ……. (Joe)

As for myself, in an effort to reduce medical bills and save time in getting treatment for pesky skin cancers I would like to read:

  • Suture – Self – A DIY Guide to Surgery”

What would you like to read or hear these holidays?

Have a peaceful and restful time everyone


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