By Joe Moore

An obscure Rolling Stone’s song “No Expectations” lies at one extreme end of a string of their 60s recordings.

“Satisfaction” – the mid-60s anthem to the search for perfection towers at the other end of the extreme.

These two songs appropriately bookend “You can’t always get what you want”  – the ode to compromise.

While debates continue about the meaning of the lyrics, we can take some of the sentiments to check our life at work.

For you – is life at work about:

  1. The relentless search for improvement – continually and healthily dissatisfied with how things are?
  2. The triumph of mediocrity – let’s compromise on quality, service, standards, our values?
  3. No expectations – the lonely life at work where nothing much is expected and nothing much contributed?

Which of the sentiments do you inspire among those whom you lead?

What’s important to you at work and why do you care?

And yes, (thanks for asking!) I’m going to the Stone’s November 12 concert in Sydney with my daughters! Happy!

Joe is the founder and principal of Kimber Moore & Associates. He and his team are highly skilled in helping leaders and staff deal with uncertainty, change, complexity and conflicts. You can contact him here

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Thats our take on things. Over to you, please add to the discussion.

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