Confidence, Power and Possibility in Leading.


By Ian Sampson

If you are a TED fan it is quite likely you are one of the 6.5 million people who has seen Ben Zender give his talk on Music and Passion (Zender is, amongst other things, the Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra).

The talk is a wonderfully inspiring piece about classical music. It also has some real gems about the work of a true leader.

Three statements in the talk jumped out at me:

  1. Good leaders have no doubt about the capacity of the people they are leading to realise whatever they are dreaming. That’s confidence in leading.
  2. Conductors are leaders. They lead the musicians through the making of the sounds of the music and conveying this to the listener. But a conductor doesn’t make a sound. They rely on personal power to make others powerful. That’s power in leading
  3. Zander said at one point: ”My job is to make possibility in other people. If their eyes are shining you know they see possibility. If their eyes are not shining my job is to ask:  ‘Who am I being, that their eyes aren’t shining?’”  That’s possibility in leading.

If you have a desire to deepen your confidence, power and possibility as a leader talk with us at Cause and Effective. We want to help you be a great leader.

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