Read All About It – Misleading Conduct Destroying Organisations and Their People


By  Chris Gandy

As they say in the classics – Ian Sampson and I go back a long long way.

We commenced our working careers together and from the outset  shared a common interest in people and more specifically how “good people” seem to attract and develop “good people”. And how they also  had the knack to deliver top business results.

After working around 10 years together our careers took us down different paths and to various parts of the country only for us to join up again in 2013 with the formation of Cause and Effective – a vehicle for linking not for profits to great subject matter experts.

One of the principal ways Cause and Effective communicates with its audience is via this blog and when Ian agreed to become part of our team, I harangued him for some articles. In his typical sardonic manner Ian said he would see what he could do. A few weeks later he came back to me with about 20 articles on leadership. Seeing my mouth drop he explained that over the years he had kept notes and reflections on examples of what he deemed as good and not so good leadership actions. We later developed the material into a series of posts about what Ian described as “Misleading Conduct” and ran them during the course of 2013.

Despite the subject matter, Ian explained to me that his intention was to develop a series articles that are “… like a warm bath, a pleasure to enjoy and a bit uncomfortable when you experience the bit of grit on the bottom”.

From the response we have received it is clear Ian hit his mark. This encouraged us to package the posts into an e-book so people can sample the full gamut of “misleading conduct” in one sitting.

Ian has graciously agreed, for a limited time, to give away free copies of his e-book to all subscribers to Cause & Effective’s new newsletter – Experientia.

So jump onto our website here and sign-up for Experientia. We will have a copy of “Misleading Conduct” misting its way to you through the ether in no time. Oh, if you think this all smacks of a bribe to just get you to subscribe to our newsletter, you are probably right. If you have a problem with this, send us a pleasant message to and we will give you a free copy anyway.

About Chris:  Chris Gandy is the founder and a director of Cause and Effective – a provider of contingent resourcing and leadership search services to cause-based organisations. He is a former not for profit CEO and current board member.

About B-Cause

B-Cause is published by Cause and Effective. We help good causes find and attract effective leaders.

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