How Relaxed Is Your Leadership?


By Attila Ovari

  • Are the type of leader that is relaxed or on edge all the time?
  • Is your team nervous around you?
  • Do you allow your team to get on with the job?

When it comes to leadership, I have had leaders that seem quite relaxed most of the time and then I have had leaders that always have a urgent issue that needs to be dealt with. In the later case these leaders, if they are not careful, will create a panic through the whole organisation.

During my army training I was told “Don’t run, it creates panic in the soldiers.” I must admit that this is true. If the leader is on edge all the time, the organisation will mirror this. This will be reflected through increased stress and tension in the organisation and also a focus on the short term over the long term, the minutia over the big picture.

Relaxed leaders, on the other hand, I find are able to create a “calm culture” within an organisation. They do this through a term the army calls “Mission Command” – The leader allocates a mission to their team member, assigns responsibility and resources and then allows the team member to develop and carry out a plan. With a reporting schedule in place a leader can then be more relaxed, focus on the purpose and allow the team to bring out the best for themselves. When operating under relaxed leaders I have found  I have not only achieved better outcomes, but have also learnt considerably more from the process.

Of course there are times when you need a greater sense of urgency and the leader’s cool may be sorely tested.  However as a principle, a relaxed approach to leadership will bring out the best in your team and also produce better outcomes. Being relaxed in leadership is not being laissez-faire about leadership. As a leader you will still need to ensure that you are across the important indicators and you are also driving the direction of the team. As a leader you work with your team to bring out the best in them and also utilise their skills and strengths in the achievement of the mission.

  • How can you bring out the best in your team this week?
  • What supports can you put in place to better support your team?
  • What are the key indicators that you need to be across in the leadership of your team?

About Attila : Attila Ovari is a Cause & Effective Associate. He passionate about life and thrives on empowering others, in particular when it comes to leadership. Contact Attila here.

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