Do Your Meetings Need TARTing Up?


By Joe Moore

Some meetings go really well. For most of the meeting everyone there knows what’s being talked about.

Decisions are made after everyone has had their say.

We all know what has been decided.

Follow up is planned, responsibilities assigned, deadlines are set.

If this is rarely your experience then maybe your meetings need tarting up?

You can TART up a meeting by finishing it with four simple steps:

  1. Here is what we Talked about.
  2. This is what we Agreed – decisions.
  3. These folks are Responsible for the following actions – action plan.
  4. This is the Timing of the actions – deadlines.

About Joe:  Joe Moore is the founder and principal of Kimber Moore & Associates. Joe and his team are highly skilled in helping leaders and staff deal with uncertainty, change, complexity and conflicts. You can read more of Joe’s posts and contact him here

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B-Cause is published by Cause and Effective. We help good causes find and attract effective leaders.

Thats our take on things. Over to you, please add to the discussion.

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