You Can’t Fatten a Pig on Market Day


By Kerry Parkin

For Australian cause-based organisations, the tender season is fast approaching. In fact, for those most likely to win, it is already here!

Inevitably there will be losers. And, there will be winners.  Millions of dollars of business are at risk.

Unquestionably, now is the time to make sure your organisation is ready, having the fitness and skills required to compete and win come tender season.

  • It’s not enough to be an established provider and go through the motions.
  • It’s not enough to be well-intended
  • It’s not enough to be a high performer.

Have you heard the saying “You can’t fatten a pig on market day“? Well this truism certainly applies to tenders.

As with all worthwhile endeavours, the outcome is highly dependent upon the amount of preparation that is put in. From our experience a great way to start this process is to check a tender you have previously written and identify where it can be improved. In this way, errors of the past aren’t repeated.

For a limited time we at Cause & Effective are pleased to help you minimise you risk by providing pre-season tender advice and coaching.

We will review key sections of a tender you have written and give feedback on how it could be improved, providing you with key pointers about how to effectively prepare and compete in the fast approaching tender round.

By helping you focus on what it takes to win we may be able to save your organisation huge amounts of misplaced time, effort, stress and money.

Will you be competitive?

The biggest difference between winning and losing starts now. 

The wise are already at work.

About Kerry: Kerry Parkin is a Cause & Effective Associate. He is a tender architect and coach and many call him the ‘go to man’ when it comes to tenders.  He has wide and deep experience in the not for profit sector, playing leading roles in enabling clients to win funding support for their causes. Contact Kerry here







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