OK, Let’s Talk About Kevin


By Chris Gandy

Apologies to Lionel Shriver fans and those who just can’t get enough copy about our former PM. My Kevin is not a person, fictional or otherwise, but is a little Kookaburra and he is truly inspirational.

Kevin has been a regular companion for a few years now. I don’t feed him any treats and haven’t attempted to tame him in any way. Yet every day that I venture outside on the farm there he is – perched in the nearest tree or sitting on a fence post close by. Its as if he is a member of the bird paparazzi! And like the paparazzi he isn’t interested in me (the celebrity?) per se. All I am to him is his daily meal ticket.

You see, as I walk around I have a habit of picking up sticks and fallen branches and giving the base of weeds a whack with a mattock. And as I do this I unearth a smorgasbord of bugs and worms hiding underneath. Food Kevin doesn’t have to spend the day searching for.

To me he is not only one clever bird but a creature that can teach leaders and those aspiring to these roles a few lessons – here are just three:

Firstly, he shows the importance of having a well thought out strategy.  Like Kevin, a successful leader must have a systematic approach. One that works well, works fast and works every time!

Next a real leader needs to lead from the front and show a genuine commitment to the cause. As I said, he is there every day – rain, hail or shine. After all he has to eat!

Thirdly, he shows that much undervalued quality of a true leader –  a spirit of generosity. What I failed to mention is that Kevin never hogs the bugs for himself. When food is on he calls his mates with his famous “laugh” and the next thing there a two or three Kookaburras with him sharing the goodies. And he seems to delight in sharing. So much so he appears to live by Calvin Coolidge’s famous quote :

“No person was honoured for what he received. Honour has been the reward for what he gave”

How many of Kevin’s leadership skills are you developing and displaying?

About Chris. He is a former not for profit CEO and Founder of Cause & Effective – an organisation that places vetted, affordable experts within the reach of cause-based organisations. You can find a Cause & Effective expert here

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B-Cause is published by Cause and Effective. We help good causes find and attract effective leaders.

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