Who Started It?


From Joe Moore

What makes for more complexity about change at work is that sometimes the change is arranged by others and we simply have to live with the change and make it work. When we feel that change is something being done to us we may feel anxious, irritated, overwhelmed. Others may try to convince us that it’s in our own best interests to contribute to making the change succeed – often these attempts to convince us help us to become more resistant.

As a leader you are expected to challenge and change things for the better. You are expected to do this when some of those who work with you do not see the need for change. You know how you feel when change is obligatory – many of your colleagues and team members may have exactly the same feelings. We may feel that we are motivated to change when we figure out the change ourselves. We may feel unmotivated to change when someone tells us we have to change.

It’s as though we believe that when we are compelled to make changes to the way we do our work, the work we do, how we get along with others, we will feel manipulated, stressed and strong-armed. On the other hand – when we can choose what changes we can make – we feel good about the change, having control over our work makes us feel good.

We know it’s not that simple. If it were that simple then all the changes you initiated – well they would all be successful wouldn’t they? And everything you tried at someone else’s suggestion – none of them have been successful have they?

One of the features of successful change programs is not who started the change. All of us may be helped to make changes to our work that we did not initiate, all of us may help others to make changes at work that they did not initiate. Whether we decide to change or the decision is made for us – leaders are obligated to inspire themselves and others to change.

What change could you start making today that could make a significant difference to your organisation?

About Joe:  Joe Moore is the founder and principal of Kimber Moore & Associates. Joe and his team are highly skilled in helping leaders, managers and staff deal with uncertainty, change, complexity and conflicts before they escalate into situations that are more volatile. You can read more of Joe’s posts and contact him here

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