Executive Transition – A Perfect Time For Reflection

By Chris Gandy
This is the second in our series of posts each dedicated to one of the opportunities (we call them Janus Factors) that present themselves to cause-based organisations during the executive transition period between the announcement of a Chief Executive’s departure and the on-boarding of a replacement.



“I just haven’t got time to scratch myself”

As a Board member, how often have you heard this or a similar comment from a colleague or acquaintance – perhaps you have frustratingly expressed the statement yourself?

We live and work in a world of frenetic activity. Successful Boards are characterised as people of action. Delaying decisions is seen as a sign of weakness – even if the delay may subsequently produce a better decision. Now is all about doing. Sorry, no time for questions and listening.

Metaphorically we are on an express train which rarely slows down, let alone stops, to give us a  chance to reflect – a precious time to question, observe, examine and explore.

Unexpectedly, when a CEO terminates a board is presented with an opportunity to slow the “activity train”. Sure, potentially it is a time of uncertainty. But on the other hand it can act as a circuit breaker by providing a Board  valuable reflective time to ask and listen to and ponder the answers to such fundamental questions as:

“How was our relationship with previous CEO. Can we take steps to make it even better in the future?”

“Where does the organisation really stand at the moment?”

“Where is the organisation heading and are our Strategic Planning settings still realistic?”

“What skills and traits will the new CEO need to guide us to the perhaps realigned future?” 

The executive transition period is a fantastic time  for a board to reflect and Cause and Effective’s Executive Transition Program provides a structured process to maximise the benefits from this period.

If you are aware of an organisation that may benefit from our Executive Transition Program, contact us now.

About the author: Chris Gandy MAPS  is a Director of Cause and Effective (www.causeandeffective.info)  – A group dedicated to assisting cause-based organizations to increase their social impact via coaching, consultation and innovative programs.

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